What is a social casino

What is a social casino

The first attempts to introduce gambling entertainment in social networks appeared back in 2007, which was successfully implemented already in 2011. In fact, a social casino is a gambling establishment built into your favorite network, where very many citizens spend 20 hours a day. It’s no secret that all networks were created not for your pleasure and communication, but to make a profit by offering participants various online services, paid games and so on. 

Almost anyone has heard of Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc. Now, many networks have social casinos, which makes the services even more attractive. The main feature of such a club is that it is free. That is, any user can play for fun and not spend money on bets. Logically, there is little sense in this, as most standard gambling houses offer to use the demo mode and have fun just the same: without the risk of draining the deposit. In fact, there is still a difference.

  • In many states, conventional gambling resources are banned, and you can only get into them with the help of a mirror. Social casinos feel fine in any country, because they are not banned.
  • More often than not, the players of regular gambling houses, having fun for free, after a certain period of time make real bets and successfully lose. In social networks, this is excluded.
  • In social casinos, the motivation for players is built on a completely different basis. Competitive spirit wins here, not the lust for profit, as in a regular gambling house.

It would seem that the paradise on a particular site (or sites) has already happened. Everyone is happy and satisfied, everyone gets what he wants, and no one takes money for that. No need to rush, there are peculiarities and, most importantly, personal spending money in such institutions. 

Is it possible to make money?

The basic principles inherent in social casinos are free for players. Meaning that even if you hit the jackpot, you won’t get real money and won’t be able to exchange your winnings for crisp bills. However, some establishments have rules that allow you to transfer virtual chips to each other. The point is that you won’t have an infinite number of coins to bet with. You will be given them in limited quantities every day or when you reach some level in the game. If you still want to get access to a real online casino and try your luck, study the latest no deposit casino bonuses first.