Online casino selection guide

Online casino selection guide

Choosing an online casino for the game will always be a challenge for the players. Every day hundreds of new playgrounds of varying degrees of reliability are opened, and each of them has its pros and cons. So how to choose exactly the one which will meet several key parameters which will help to earn and have a good time. Let’s learn how to find your online casino.

These days, new online casinos are opening almost non-stop, just make sure you register in time. Only in practice only 10% of them are really worthwhile platforms, where it makes sense not only to start accounts and fill deposits, but also to stay in the game for a long time. The main task of a beginner player is to understand the abundance of these services and stay only with those who are worthy of them. 

Instructions for choosing an online casino

Taking into account that almost everything is bought on the Internet and it is almost impossible to find adequate sites that would have informative and objective online casino ratings, the only thing left for the user is to refer to some verified foreign web resources dedicated to this topic. There are a lot of materials, both reliable and not so much. Casino assessments and user reviews are available here. 

The benefit of this project is also in complaints, which are often answered by the casino in an attempt to solve the user problem. But there is one rule of reading the complaints! You need to go into the text of the message and how the situation was resolved. The fact is that many successfully resolved complaints (status Resolved) were in fact a tricky way closed by the casino representatives with reference to the rules of the organization.

How to check the casino?

If at some point you discover a new online service with gambling, you should not immediately replenish the deposit for all your money. First – carefully check the casino by performing such actions:

  • It is worth asking the search engine for the name of the online casino in combination with the urls of the authoritative thematic sites to get directly to the discussion page. 
  • In each issue, study the essence of feedback and complaints posted about a particular service. The largest number of fraudulent casinos is represented on Askgamblers, as the admins of this resource do not put unreliable sites in the black list.
  • If an online casino was found on one of the sites with ratings in the black list, it is not even worth registering on it. This is a deliberate waste of money in the wind.
  • If there is no information about the casino anywhere, it means that it is either a brand new casino or they are cheaters. How to check it? Find out who the license is registered for (business owner) and repeat the search according to the above scheme. Often cheaters make a new site with gambling and take a new name for it, but the management company always remains the same.

It should be noted that you should not trust the ratings from these sites to 200%, no matter how honest they may seem. The practice of selling top places in such lists has not been canceled and almost every portal uses this opportunity to make money. Therefore, always try to further view what players are writing about a particular casino: what complaints and feedback about it leave. Such a simple algorithm of actions will help you get rid of the temptation to deposit in an attractive but suspicious casino and will save you from stupid spending of money on fraudsters. Be careful! Everything will work out for you!

An example of a reliable online casino is the site Here you can find everything you need to play. So you can start using this resource and practice at the casino.