Online slots winning strategy

Online slots winning strategy

Greedy slots, which needed to be fed with money so that someone alone, quite accidentally took the whole pot, have been replaced by slots that give back. Small frequent bonuses and high payout ratio – that’s the key to a fair fair win according to the creators. The rate of return of modern slots (RTP) can not be less than 95%. In some cases it reaches 98%. You can find great slots on the riobet casino website.

What does this mean to the player?

  • The superiority of the casino over the player from 2% to 5%, depending on the selected slot.
  • From 95% to 98% of the money invested, if you come to play – the online casino returns.
  • The probability of winning is very high.

In what machines to play to win

Before choosing a slot machine, choose an online resource. Study the reviews, focus on whether many users have beaten the casino and what were the amounts of winnings. Are there negative opinions? Next, choose a slot machine. There is no need to rush. Go through a few dozen slots with demo games. Like the graphics, storyline, voice acting. You figured out the algorithm? Look at the payout ratio, the number of different bonuses. Once you are convinced that the slot is really your make the first bet. Do not rush to squander money, you will need them to beat the casino.

How to play for money and not lose

Do not rely too much on luck and immediately make large bets. You just stopped playing in the demo, continue to study the work of the algorithm on small bets, keep an eye on the payoff. When you are convinced that the RTP is correct and the machine gives back the specified percentage of money, and there’s no other way, you may increase your bets. After spending a few playing sessions you will understand that the modern casino is fair and the winnings are just.

The strategy of the player, a quick formula

  1. First: choose a casino with an excellent reputation.
  2. Second: choose a slot machine with high returns, use the maximum number of free features, play demo games, figure out the algorithm of the slot.
  3. Third: enter the money and continue learning with small bets.
  4. Fourth: play, using a variety of bets, learning the algorithm of the machine.
  5. Fifth: you were lucky and won too much – take your money.
  6. Sixth: you are consistently unlucky at the selected slot – change the slot.
  7. Seventh: you are unlucky again, don’t lose all your money, come back later.

The most giving slots, the best of the best

  • Gems of Adoria. The brainchild of NetEnt. Modern 3D graphics. Scenario will please a fantastic storyline. The voiceover is mesmerizing. The game is on 5 reels in three rows. Attractive RTP- 96.13%.
  • Pirates Smugglers Paradise. From the developer Yggdrasil. Graphic theme – pirates on the beach. Despite the fact that the game is on five reels with five symbols each, the game is on an unusual algorithm. Winning lines are replaced by winning combinations, which are considered as such if more than 6 of the same symbol are side by side. Attracts stunning RTP – 96.3%.
  • Back to Venus. Produced by BestSoft. Fantasy story with fabulous creatures and advanced graphics. RTP – 97.07% just finish the casino. The game has only 3 reels, but 20 combinations of winning.
  • Aus Dem Tal. From the creator of Endorphina.  The name says it all. This is the pursuit of thalers. Only 5 reels and 20 win lines. RTP – 96%.

Play the best slots at verified casinos, build author strategies. It should be noted that the strategy is not static, each slot is a new unknown, cunning algorithm, so you need to play the familiar, studied machine. Your hard-won strategy to keep to yourself and not go into deficit. Play to win. Correct casino takes the victory of the player simply as payment for advertising. Therefore, if you win – do not doubt that you will get the money. You can choose a reliable casino on Gambler Key.